Feedback (2008)

Mike Yarrish
Matt Sekel
Barry Chabala
Glenn Weyant

Creative Commons License
Feedback by Matt Sekel, Mike Yarrish, Barry Chabala, Glenn Weyant
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Mike Yarrish:

"New Machines Not Safe" is a white hot battle royale in which Matt, Glenn, Barry and myself utilize guitar effects pedals, cheap amplifiers, cd players,walkie talkies, frayed wires, and my dryer to grapple for supremacy. Barry's laptop gets set ablaze and compliments as well as battles Glenn's dynamic and erie spoke-induced rapture. Matt's pure feedback-bliss is the voice of reason, begging from inside a subterranean metal chamber for the two to stop the violence. I am the opportunistic bookie, ducking in and out of the crowd to run numbers and take bets. Nobody wins. Everyone wins. --mike yarrish

Mike Yarrish's Mix of all 4 solo pieces:

New Machines Not Safe

Click to hear Mike's solo piece

Matt Sekel:

Matt Sekel's Mix of all 4 solo pieces:
Feedback for Quartet

Click to hear Matt's solo piece

Barry Chabala's mix of all 4 solo pieces:

new, improved lowfat eric

Glenn Weyant's mixes:

Seven Black Angles: Feedback Suite

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